Cheryl "Gambler" Webb

Runaway, Pilot of the Lady Luck


Agility d8
Strength d4
Vitality d6
Alertness d12
Intelligence d8
Willpower d8

Born behind the Wheel (minor), Math Wizz (minor), Talented gambling (minor), Talented pistols (minor)
Shy (minor), Neatfreak (minor), Second class citizen (minor), loyal (minor), Soft (minor)

Artistry d2
Athletics d4
Covert d6
Craft d6
Discipline d2
Guns d6 (pistols d10)
Perception d6 (gambling d12)
Performance d6 (dancing d8)
Pilot d6 (midbulk transport d12/ astrogation d8)
Technical engineering d4

Life points: 14
Endurance: d8+d6
Resistance: d6+d6
Initiative: d12+d8

Attack: d8+d12+d2
Damage: d6W (pistol)
d4W (derringer)

Equipment: gun cleaning kit, patchtape, ballistic mesh, utility knife, Derringer (20 shots, concealed holster), Pistol (100 shots, quickdraw holster), shiplinked handset, lockpicks, tool set (electronic), sewing kit, glowstick, sling bag, playing cards, mighty fine hat, scopes (night vision, thermal, ocular), gardenbunk, multiband, holo-image development suite, emergency signal ring (linked to ship), rare spices 2kg, canned food 10 days, common spices 1lbs, good whiskey 2 bottles, spare clothing, spare pistol, plushie icebear, fancy partydress, professional library (ship engineering), CAD board, SMG (silencer, red-dot laser sight, 70 shots)
1773 credits
17 platinum


Cheryl was born and raised on Triumph, much in the traditional way of the Triumph settlers. This meant a rather sheltered existance for most of her youth, getting trained and prepared to be married off to some man when she would be old enough.

Things changed a bit when the war struck and her father went off to serve the independants in their struggle. The years of the war itself were quiet ones on Triumph and it was only after her father returned with the stories of how he had been pilot on a bomber named the “Lady Luck”, and the eventual ending of the schip that Cheryl decided she wanted more out off life then being some farmers wife.

So one night she snuck out off the house, carrying all the clothing she owned, her daddies six-shooter and what credits she had found. She snuck aboard a tradeschip that had landed in the nearby village and convinced the captain to take her to Persephone. As she seemed to possess a natural affinity for numbers and flying, and could actually pay the larger part of the trip, he decided to take her with them and set her off at Persephone. On the trip there she learned a great deal of how life would be in the black, including honing her skills in piloting a spacecraft and firing the gun she had stolen.

Once on Persephone she used her mathematical skills to quickly earn some cash by playing poker and then went in search of the man her daddy had spoken so highly off. A man named James Langdon. It took her some months and quite a bit of travelling but she finally found the man as he was searching for a crew for his schip. Though she was a bit hesitant to approach him, she finally did and quickly impressed him with her skill as a pilot.

Now, nearly six months after she fled her destiny on Triumph, she finds herself at the helm of the “Lady Luck”, ready to begin her great adventure.

Cheryl "Gambler" Webb

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