Jake "Grunt" Thompson

Mercenary / Brown Coat Veteran / Lady Luck


Strength D4
Agility D12
Vitality D10
Alertness D6
Intelligence D4
Willpower D6

Fightin’ Type (Major), Lightnin’ Reflexes (Major), Ain’t Got Time to Bleed (Major)
Credo (Major), Ugly as Sin (Major), Crude (Minor), Loyal (Minor), Twitchy (Minor)
Athletics D6
Dodge D12
Covert D6
Discipline D4
Guns D6
Assault Rifle D12
Pistol D12
Shotgun D12
Melee Weapons D6
Ranged Weapons D6
Survival D4
Unarmed Combat D6
Brawling D8

*Life points: * 18
*Endurance: * D10+D6
*Resistance: * D10+D10
*Initiative: * D12+D6

Attack: D12+D12 (D8+D12)
damage: See weapon

Carried equipment: Tactical Suit (5W, -2 Agi), Squad Helmet (4W, -2 Ale), Chameleon Suit (1W, +2 Covert SKill rolls), Combat Knife (d4 W), Pistol (d6 W – 38 – 100 rnds), Assault Rifle (d8 W – 340 – 500 rnds), Shotgun (d10 W – 210 – 50 rnds), Frag Grenades x 4 (5d6 W), Smoke Grenades x 2 (d4 S), Micro Transmitter, First Aid Kit.
461.4 credits


Jake or as most call him “Grunt” never had an easy life. It started from early life. He lived on the outer fringes in a smaller farming community. He was the weaker of the kids and always got picked upon. Getting him many a beatings, some so badly that he has a multitude of scars from it. But at the same time it made him more resilient than others. Being used to taking a daily beating. First he couldn’t do much back. But eventually he grew tired of it and he started to fight back. Using every arsenal that was at his disposal. Bare hands, knifes or even dad’s shotgun. Life was a struggle for him. One conflict after another. And eventually he learned to overcome it and come stronger out of it but it left him scarred mentally and physically.

So when the call from the Brown coats came out to join their ranks. Jake took that opportunity and joined their forces. He was in many fights since than and fought fiercely alongside his compatriots. This is where his combat skills blossomed greatly and he became an asset to his fellow men. It is also where he learned the tenants of loyalty and one could even say, where he overcame his paranoia in not trusting anyone. He found friends there and people whom he could trust, even trusted his life to them. To him they were his family and he would never abandon his family. No one is left behind is his credo.

And that is what actually happened. His squad got into an ambush and Grunt was left behind wounded heavily when a grenade went off to the left of him. Burning his left side and ruining that part of his face and body with heavy scarring. He managed to get out of it. Headed to the nearest first aid of the brown coats to get the proper help. Than against his doctor’s suggestion. He grabbed his weapon and headed out again. Seeking his squad members. His family. He found them, but not how he wanted to find them. They had been executed by one of the Alliance death squads. Grunt cried at the corpses of his family. He collected their dog tags and carried them one by one back to brown coat lines so that he could give them a proper burial there.

Than once more he grabbed his rifle to set out. This time to hunt those that had killed his family. After long days of searching, he found them. They were at a small farm where they had been pillaging and raping. He sneaked up on them at night and slit their throats one by one before vanishing into the night once more. He had his revenge, but he felt empty. His family was still dead.

He fought in the war but never fully joined a unit or got close to anyone in fear of loosing them again. It will be a heavy task to get past the defence he has build up. But once you are able to get past it. You’ll find out that he is not a bad guy at all and that he’s loyal and would even lay down his life for you.

Now he travels the fringes as a mercenary. His skills allowed him to buy himself some pretty good equipment and live a pretty interesting life full of blood, mayhem and intrigue.

Jake "Grunt" Thompson

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