James "Thorn" Langdon

Captain of the Lady Luck


Agility d12
Vitality d6
Strength d6
Willpower d10
Intelligence d8
Alertness d6

talented (pistols) minor / leadership major / friends in low places minor / nose for trouble minor
Things don’t go smooth major / loyal minor / credo major / branded major / prejudice minor

Guns d6 (pistols d12 + d2)
Discipline d6 (leadership d8 / mental resistance d8)
Influence d6
perception d6
Athletics d4
Covert d6
Unarmed combat d6
Pilot d4
Animal Handling d4
Technical engineering d4

*Life points: * 16
*Endurance: * d10+d6
*resistance: * d6+d6
*Initiative: * d12+d6

Attack: d12+d12+d4
damage: d6W

Carried equipment: 2 pistols, ballistic mesh, gun cleaning kit, basic tool set, long range commpack
300 credits


James was born on Ariel although he spent most of his youth on various Alliance cruisers and space stations. His father was a low-grade officer tasked with research and development of various ship-systems. His mother was the daughter of a middle class family on Ariel. Despite the fact that they moved around a lot James had a happy and uneventful childhood.

When the time came for James to choose a life for himself he decided to go to college for a few years before enlisting in the Alliance military. He went to a mediocre college on Persephone because he could not get in to the upper league schools on core worlds, but it was for the best because his parents couldn’t afford them anyway. James studied social sciences for 3 years. After college James wanted to enlist in the alliance. He hoped his degree would help him get up the ranks a little faster than his father, but he had no real desire to become a captain or admiral.

He met one of his best friend the first year, Christophe. Christophe was a pro-unification hardliner who was preparing for alliance officer training. Despite his extreme ideas Christophe and James got along great. During his last year in college James joined Christophe in the Alliance Youth Unification Movement. He had no real feelings about unification one way or the other, although he could not understand why people wouldn’t want the wealth and security the alliance could provide. He joined the movement because Christophe told him it would look good on his application.

During one of the many Pro vs. Con unification rallies James met his future wife Desiree. Desiree was the daughter of a rancher on Whitefall. She was studying agricultural science and had two years left before she graduated. Desiree convinced James to wait before enlisting and to stay in college an extra year so they could be together. She also made him quit the Alliance Youth Unification Movement. Desiree was very much against unification and showed James that all the people on the Rim wanted was freedom. Christophe off course didn’t like Desiree and the influence she had on James at all. By the end of the first year of his relationship with Desiree, James and Christophe didn’t see much of each other anymore.

When Desiree graduated she told James that without her scholarship she couldn’t afford to stay on Persephone. She wanted to return home to Whitefall to use what she had learned to better the situation of the people there. The night before she would leave James proposed to her and she said yes on the condition that he would come with her. James agreed. He left Persephone behind and moved in with Desiree and her family on Whitefall. They married and had a child together, a son named Danny.

A few days after the birth of their son the Unification War started. The independents put out the call to arms and James volunteered. Not only did he feel the need to protect his family but he also wanted to make his wife and son proud. James proved to be a good leader and quickly made it to captain of a long range bomber. His ship, the Lady Luck, did not get hit once by enemy fire during the entire war. James also had the knack to show up unexpected at important supply targets the alliance thought safe. His many attacks on supply-stations earned him the nickname Captain “Thorn” among the alliance officers and soldiers. He had become a real thorn in the alliance’s side.

During the battle of Serenity Valley James had guided his ship through the strong alliance blockade and was on his way with his ship and crew to bomb the supply station that supported the alliance troops in the valley. When the order came to surrender James ignored it because he believed that if the supply station was destroyed the alliance would have to withdraw from the valley. He performed the bombing run but with no effect on the battle, because all independent vessels had withdrawn the alliance could deliver supplies easily enough by air.

When he returned to the independent fleet he was informed that his ship would be boarded and he would be taken in to custody. James would be handed over to the alliance to be trialed as a war criminal. His crew wouldn’t have it however and convinced him to run. The Lady Luck escaped but was shot down over Hera. The pilot managed to save the ship and land it safely. The surviving crew hid the vessel away in a small valley and most went their separate ways.

James, now a fugitive, returned to Whitefall. During most of the war Whitefall had been occupied by Alliance troops. James hadn’t seen his family for 5 years. He knew the alliance would probably be waiting for him but he didn’t care, he couldn’t stay away. On Whitefall he found out the ranch had been sold. Desiree’s parents now lived in a house near the edge of a small town. James went to visit them and they told him that when the alliance had found out that Desiree was Thorn’s wife they had arrested her and had seized the farm. James’ son had remained with them for a while but after a few months the alliance returned and took the boy away as well. James went to look for his family and found them on a ship a few months later.

Thinking that they were being held captive on board an alliance cruiser James managed to sneak on to the ship. He was captured and to his amazement found out that Christophe was the vessels CO. Christophe told James that during the war he had been the CO of the Whitefall base. When the order came to arrest Desiree Christophe had seen to it that she was treated as well as possible. After a few months he even managed to allow her to keep her child with her on the base. Christophe and Desiree had fallen in love and had married. Her previous marriage didn’t count because it wasn’t performed by an alliance official. For years now they were husband and wife, they even had 2 children together. At first James didn’t want to believe Christophe but when Desiree entered the cell and explained how she had changed, how the war had shown her that alliance control couldn’t be avoided… he had no choice.

James escaped from alliance custody while they were transferring him to a prison, although he still thinks Christophe allowed him to escape. He gathered a crew and returned to Hera. He found and fixed the Lady Luck and took to the black once more.

Although James doesn’t hate the alliance, he doesn’t like them meddling in his affairs either. The last time he allowed the alliance to meddle he lost his freedom, his friends, his ship and his family. He still believes the independents could have won the war if they had just hung in there a while longer. After all that happened he decided to protect himself from disappointment. He now lives from day to day, doing jobs, caring for his crew. No more grand causes and heroic crusades, no more true love. Just friends, freedom and just enough cash to keep flyin’.

James "Thorn" Langdon

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