Lady Luck

Wasp class spacelane transport


(LxBxH) 168 × 108 × 54 feet

Tonnage: 1959 tons

Speed Class: 5 Cruise/ 7 Hard burn

Fuel capacity: 60 tons (600 hours)

Agility D8 /
Strength D6 /
Vitality D4 /
Alertness D4 /
Intelligence D2 /
Willpower D2

Fuel tanks (300 tons) /
6 crew cabins (12 tons each) /
common area (120 tons) /
4 second class passenger cabins (32 tons) /
2 first class passenger cabins (32 tons) /
Infirmary (16 tons) /
Bathroom (16 tons) /
1 Shuttlebay (52 tons) /
1 Morgan class shuttle (52 tons)

cargo capacity: 490 tons

Monthly maintenance cost: 294 credits

Traits: Seen better days, Loved, Healthy as a horse

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The wasp class is the second line of ships produced by Iskellian Technology Solutions in their famous Spacelane transport program. The program was mostly funded by the Alliance during the PR campaign that was to prepare the citizens of the core planets for the Unification War. Various low-cost but durable ships were created and sold cheap to small enterprises on the core worlds so their owners could venture out to the rim worlds. The inhabitants of the core would require the security provided by the alliance while in the rim however, giving the military a perfect excuse to send their ships on far eaching patrols. To appeal to as many people as possible the spacelane ships were provided with various systems. The Wasp class was no different. The design features passanger cabins as well as a large cargo-hold. The design also had an infirmary and a
large living area to make long travels to the rim more comfortable. The engines of the Wasp class were a new design that proved more valuable than expected. The Wasp class quickly became known for it’s speed and maneuverability. To keep costs low however many secundary systems and back ups were cut from the design. Although the computersystems are rudimentary at best, the ship does have a good navigational computer. During the unification war the wasp class proved it worthy of it’s name. Because of the adaptable shuttle bay and cargo hold, the ships could easily be converted in to bombers. Almost all of these ships were bought by the independants and used in one way or another in the war. Because they were sent on the most dangerous bombing missions only a few survived to this day.

Lady luck logo

As most of it’s sister ships the Lady Luck was used as a long range bomber during the unification war. The ship earned it’s name because it was the only ship in the independant fleet that was never hit by enemy fire. It’s captain, a man known as Thorn, flew his ship to various alliance military targets and back without getting a scratch on it’s paint. The ship’s lucky streak ended when the war did. The Lady Luck was on a mission to bomb a supply base near Serenity valley when the order came to surrender. Captain Thorn refused however and bombed the supply base anyway. As soon as he returned to the independant fleet he received word that he would be arrested and handed over to the Alliance as a war criminal. His crew suggested that they flee and as they tried to escape the Lady Luck was shot down by independant gunships.
The surviving crew managed to land and hide the ship. Most of them went their seperate ways. Captain Thorn returned to the ship a month later however. He fixed it up again and took to the black once more. The ship now houses a new Morgan Class civilian shuttle, a memento brought on board by the captain.

Lady Luck

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