Dave McKall


Dave was born and raised on Hera. He was born and raised a farmer; his family owned several thousand acres of fertile land on the planet.
Life was good on Hera, and Dave grew up in a privileged position. He had a good education.
When he was in his teens, and studied to get a degree in management, he started noticing the attitude towards people living in the rim. Living on Hera put him in a position to know both sides of that coin, and he started feeling sympathetic to them.

By that time he’d met Lisa, a girl studying at the same school and a very outspoken political activist. She started dragging him to meetings, and that is how he got actively involved in the movement that would lead to the war.

When the war broke out Dave and Lisa joined the browncoats. They joined the regular infantry, having no previous military experience.
Having a keen mind, Dave quickly rose through the ranks, earning several battlefield commissions by taking initiative.

At some point, Dave volunteered for a dangerous mission taking a small squadron of captured Alliance transport ships into enemy controlled spacce. The mission was to take out an alliance listening outpost and take prisoners.
Everything seemed to go as planned, although the taskforce met with more resistance then was expected.
When the designated time of extraction came, the order was given to take off and all the ships did so. While they were leaving, Dave was horrified to see there was still fighting going on. He qued in his come to other chanels, and heard Lisa call for assistance. He gave his men the order to head back in, but as they were making their descent the area where the troops were pinned down was hit by a missile barrage, wiping out any traces of resistance.

Dave resigned his commission after that and went back into the trenches as a regular private. He soon rose through the ranks as an nco, but refused any promotion to officer. He went with a personal code to never leave a man behind.

Dave has not returned to Hera after the end of the war. He doesn’t want to be reminded of the good times he had there.

Dave McKall

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