First letter from Three Hills

Dear Capt’n Reynolds

I’d like to thank you and your crew again a thousandfold for being so kind to me. The lessons that you teached me have come in handy time and again on my trips through the black with capt’n Thorne. Yes. I have managed to find him and convince him to travel with him on his ship the “Lady Luck”. He’s a kind man who reminds me of you in many ways.

So far our travels have gone well, I have made some friends along the way and we ran into some strange situations. We have picked up a companion on the way, named Mila. We rescued her off a derelict transportship. She was the only survivor and she has been travelling with us ever since. We also have picked up another stow-away on one of the moons. A little girl. If you would know a good place for such a girl to grow up in peace i’d be more then happy to hear about it. We saved her from some escaped prisoners. They had crashed with their prisonship and we went to investigate it, to see if there was anything worth salvaging. We ran into the prisoners and fought them. They are still stranded there, but if you would like to go to the ship and get some of the salvage there, I can tell you where to find it.

Ever since then we’ve been travelling around selling trading goods to the moons that most need it. Every moon has it’s own stories and quirks it seems. I had to fly through a hailstorm on one of them, hail thick enough to batter dents in the Lady. The rest are just backwater planets like the one I came from, but that doesn’t mean things can’t get more colourful there, especially not when our mechanic or capt’n Thorne get themselves into trouble again.

We’re going to depart from here soon so I don’t have time to write more, but I promise to writ you again as soon as I’m able.

Hoping to hear from you soon


First letter from Three Hills

Serenity Milura