Gambling is bad for you

Tales from Cheryl

Maybe it’s the name of the ship or sumtin’ or maybe i’m just havin a lucky streak of my own, but as of the moment I left home till this very moment, things have been going smooth.
I managed to get passage from Thriump to Persephone on some old firefly transport ship named Serenity. I did like the name when I first saw her and it proved to be the best I could’ve hoped for. Didn’t have much cash on me to begin with so I promised to help out some on the ship during the trip to Persephone, cleanin’, cookin’, mendin’ clothing and the like, and so got talkin to the crew. When they heard why I’d left they got all protective of me. The ship’s pilor showed me a bit of how to pilot the ship, and said i’ve real talent for it, their companion, who’s a really fancy lady, gave me some of her old clothing to wear, a man named Jane gave me a nice lookin hat to wear nad the captain even teached me how to handle the six-shooter i’m carryin with me.
When we touched down on Persephone he don’t even wanna take my money, said I could use it better trying to find captain Thorne. I protested of course but he would have none of it, so with gratitude and warmth in my heart I said goodbye to them and went into town. Meeting such good people right from the start really given me the courage to see this through to the end.

So this is how I now find myself in a bar on persephony, watching some locals playing cards for money. I’ve been watchin their game for an hour now and it seems simple enough. They call it poker and think it’s mostly about luck, but i’ve already determined it ain’t. Not completaly. So I order myself a glass of the cheap whisky they sell in this joint, pull the hat better, adjust my guns and grab together all my courage as I walk to the table and sit down, placing my money in front of me. They is about to protest but seeign the money amd my cute innocent face changes their minds, so they deal me in.

An hour later and the pile of plat in front of me has certainly grown considerably. With this I’ll be sure to afford whatever I be needin, includin transport, in order to find captain Thorn. Of course me winnin so much has not been to the liking of some of the men and their attitude is getting more hostile by the minute. Maybe best if I take my winnings and be off. They protest of course when I get up, but I think most of em are relieved to see me go.

I pocket the cash and head outside, it’s rainin now and the streets seem to be more or less deserted. Suits me fine of course as I start walkin towards the docks again, hopin to find some shelter for the night. when I turn the corner to an alley I bump into some guy. i pardon and want to push past but he grabs my arm roughly and shoves me against the wall, I can’t help but yelp in pain and as I look up I recognize the crooked nose and scarred face. One of the men from the poker table.

_"here’s the Meh Lien Duh Jyah Jee that stole our money Jack"
“good, so let’s take it and get out of here”

A second voice coming from the right. I recognise it as belongin to one fo the other players.

" I won that money fair and square mister, so let me go"

I try to sound forcefull, but it comes out more as a whimper, like pleadin.

“let you go? I don’t think so, nah…I think i’m gonna take my money and then maybe take some extra…you were lookin for a place to spend a night no? Then why not spend it with me and jack here…show you what happens when a dirty little whore gets in our way”

I feel tears streaming down my face. This was not what I was expecting from my big adventure, not at all. I wouldn’t care if they took the money and just went, but i don’t want to be raped. He shoves me to the ground and picks up my bag.

“let’s see where you put our cash sweety”

My vision is blurred from the tears and i’m sobbin. May arm hurts from where he grabbed it and my back hurts from slamming into the wall, but it’s the third sensation that is naggin for attention in my head. The hard touch of metal against my wrist. The small dellinger pistol Captain Reynolds gave me, hidden in my sleeve, a perfect weapon for a lady in a man’s world of gamblin he said. I look up at the men. Jack is standing at the end of the alley a few meters away, blocking the view of anyone on the main street and keepin an eye out. The other one is still looking through my bag. I let the dellinger slip from it’s holster into my hand and stand up.

“give me back my bag and let me go”

I still sound scared, but the little spark of confidence in my voice must have drawn his attention as he looks up and smirks at me.

“get back on your knees whore or i’ll beat the crap out of the pretty face!”

He raises his hand to strike me, but I’m faster. Without thinkin I lift my hand and pull the trigger. The bullet hits him square in the throat and he looks at me in surprise, frozen for a moment before he drops the back and then falls to the ground, his hands clutching his ruined throat, blood gushing from between his fingers as life drains from him. Jack turns around at the sound of the shot and opens his mouth to speak but again i’m faster. I point the gun at him and pull the trigger again. The shot hits him in the gut and he double over, clutching his stomach bit both hands as he falls to the ground. I stand there, looking from one man to the other for a few stunned moments before pocketing the gun and grabbing my bag and running like hell. My first day on my first planet besides Triumph and I’ve killed a man, maybe two. Tears stream down my face as I run towards the docks.

Gambling is bad for you

Serenity Milura